WPC Judge For CANADA eh!!!

The WPC this year had a record number of entries from 28 different teams! First off let me back up a bit. WPC stands for the World Photographic Cup. ( it is kinda like the olympics of photography)

There are 16 countries from Europe including a new entry from Russia.

There are 3 countries from America… welcome Mexico to the mix (Canada and the US were there from the beginning)

There are 7 countries for Asia and welcome China for their new entry this year

and last but not least 2 countries from the Oceania.

So why am I telling you all this? Good question…. One I promised in the blog post in September  I said another one would  be completed before my birthday. Technically ….I failed …. This is because today is the day before my birthday, but my birthday is a three day celebration…. Pre Birthday …Birthday …… and Post Birthday… Just way tooo much to do in one day for me….just saying. Anyway back to the story…ummmm I mean blog post.

The WPC, of course Canada entered. The PPOC puts together a kick ass entry each year to go toe to toe against the best in the world. Two years ago we came in overall in 2nd place. Truth be told, we didn’t do so hot last year. A hero to zero kinda incident, however, I think we will have a good showing this year. I am not sure what they entered this year, which is a good thing. The reason that is a good thing is that each country who enters has to pick a judge to represent their country and who is qualified, and at the standard of international judging certification….blab blab blab… So that one judge to represent Canada this year was….. drum roll please….. ok…stop…. IT WAS ME!!!! I was so proud to even have been nominated and short listed among the amazing caliber of Judges that Canada has. I was already honoured this year to be PPOC’s National Jury Chair earlier in the year.  So to be picked as the one and only Judge to represent Canada was a HUGE honour and not to mention responsibility. Like someone very close to me always says….. BRING IT ON!!!

So I have been busy doing just that. Judging. I am blown away by the beauty in the amazing images I had the privilege to judge. Seriously my eyes hurt it was so much beauty and talent.

What is really interesting is the way that they judge their images. I am well acquainted with the numbering scoring system. I am not going to explain it in this blog post. ( hmmm maybe a thought for a future post…) anyway , you have to score each image on four separate arenas . The four areas are Impact, Creativity,  Technical , and Composition. Of course seeing and enjoying the image and how it was light is part of all of those four areas. Seeing the light is an art! Light can be used in all four, Lighting something technical, lighting something creativity and different, Lighting to make a shape for composition and lighting to say BAM for impact! Lighting plays a key role in all of it, and knowing how to master that is an art. It weeds out the good, the bad and the ugly, and proves it you master the light it can  make your  images go to Excellence!

There was a lot of amazing images, can’t wait to hear and find out the results in the New Year. If you want to look at past years entries and awards etc..visit the WPC website.

There are several different categories that the countries enter, I could talk more about it, but I have a pre birthday celebration to attend. So I will leave you to discover them on the WPC website.

Also I have won a bunch of awards I promised people I would post and talk about. Guess that will be a post before Christmas, wait I better make that  before the New Year for more wiggle room . Deal.

Kudos to Melissa Welsh for taking this gem.

Kudos to Melissa Welsh for taking this gem.

They needed a photograph of me for the announcement of me representing Canada for the WPC. Special thanks to the talented Melissa Welsh for capturing me so awesomely delicious!

Off to the Pre Birthday Celebrations…. BRING IT ON!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

International Judge, Award winner but mostly almost a Birthday Girl.

Tracey : )

Fusion Artisty