Victoria Award Winning Photographer Tracey Harper Does it AGAIN!!!

April 2014 was a good month in the Photography and Art!  I love giving back to the photographic & art community, and sometimes it gives back to me!

I am proud to announce that at the PPOC at the Canadian Imaging Convention awarded me a few goodies… below is quoted from the press release…


“The 2014 National Image Salon of the Professional Photographers of Canada was exhibited this week during the Canadian Imaging Conference, the annual conference of the PPOC in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Tracey Harper, MPA CDC, F/SWPP F/PPOC-BC , a professional photographer from Victoria, BC won the Best in Class award for the image ‘The Wanting’ in the Freestyle class, and earned a Judge’s Choice ribbon for the image ‘Earth Angel’.


Tracey had 3 images accepted and exhibited in the National Image Salon, judged prior to the conference by a panel of master photographers from across Canada. Acceptance into the salon is an indication of the makers’ ability to produce outstanding images for their clientele. It also earns the maker merits toward several designations offered to PPOC members, including the prestigious Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts.

The competition features entries from across Canada in twenty-one different classes, including press, portrait, architecture and fashion.”

I figure why recreate the wheel since they talked  already about it. What they didn’t mention is that  “The Wanting ”  was chosen as a Loan Collection image. This is where only 40 images are hand selected to represent Canada in international competition. It is another HUGE honour.  I am truly grateful for all of these awards bestowed on me.

So here is the image I m talking about!!!



Also being picked as a Judges Choice is uber cool too. Like my mom use to say,  “out of all of the competition, they picked yours!” She typed that on her iPad she recently acquired for her 80th birthday! ( on a side note she learned how to text during our Annual General Meeting at the Convention) Don’t ever stop learning! I am soo proud of her too.

Earth Angel was Judges Choice and here it is.

HarperTracey_Earth_Angel awardweb



The full gallery of the PPOC National Image Salon can be viewed at PPOC Blog There are so many amazing photographers in this professional organization I am proud to be apart of.

I hate to sound like an infomercial……but WAIT THERE”S MORE….

I was a nominee in the 7th Annual Masters Cup.  Here is a quote from that Press Release.

“It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 7,416 entries we received this year,” said Basil O’Brien, the awards Creative Director. “Tracey Harper’s “Torn ,” an exceptional image entered in the Fine Art category, represents contemporary color photography at its finest, and we’re pleased to present her with the title of Nominee.”

I believe there were  79 countries that entered this year, and 7416 entries is alot!  I also would like to acknowledge a fellow PPOC member Kerri-Jo Stewart who recieved an Honourable Mention  in the Fine Art Category with her entry ” Off to War” . Kudos. You can be inspired and see that image on the opening page of her website!.


Here is My Image ” Torn”.




I have won many awards both internationally, nationally, provincially, and local over the years. Rarely do I put them out there. I recently held a lecture at my North Saanich Studio where a fellow photographer glanced into my showcase, and commented, ” Wow this is like an archive of the evolution of the awards over the past decade”. I never looked at it that way. Thanks for Melissa for giving me new insight and perspective on all those achievements. I was just thinking they were a bunch of different shapes I had to dust!!. LOL

People often ask why I enter? It is that I walk the walk and talk the talk. ” life truly does begin outside your comfort zone”. Entering competition each year pushes me and everyone who puts themselves ” out there” . It is not easy to put your art out there to be judged, and applaud, all that do. It makes you better on so many levels.  I could go on about that, ( perhaps that would be a good blog post for the future or an article for a magazine)  One quick answer is that it  translates to your clients.   It makes you a better photographer. End of discussion for now.

I am grateful…. what are you doing to push yourself outside YOUR comfort zone.?This photographer/dream coach tries to do that daily.  Enjoy and tell me what you are up too.

Tracey : )