ThIs Is sO mE…and with Style!!!

ThIs Is sO Me….this is so me is the Project 365 1/2 word theme. I should let you all in on a secret…I am a doodler..

For friends, family and for anyone that has sat beside me at a lecture or executive meeting it is no surprise. I doodle… When I was a kid and started to doodle…I would get in trouble because they thought I was not paying attention. When in fact the opposite was quiet the truth. Ever heard the term jog your memory….well drawing or doing a doodle does just that! I was helping myself remember the information by doodling…In fact there is a zen doodling is becoming all the rage! So here is one of my “zen doodles” to represent…this is sooo me!

This is Sooo ME!!! Fusion Artistry Tracey Harper


The next Theme is  Style…and this is my my Style….Eclectic like me….and with a good dose of humour in there…enough said….laugh with me…and even at me if you must…I laugh and myself too…


Style Fusion Artistry TracEy Harperplease note the stage mark to the LEFT… a certain cartoon tiger…..exit STAGE LEFT…LOL for you older folks do you know who I mean? Just curious…

Tracey Harper Fusion Artistry.