The Secret is OUT!!! Gratitude is IN!!!

I posted a blog  about  My Gratitude Attitude on November 1 st 2013 .i-have-been-keeping-a-big-secret-from-you-all  In that post I shared that for the past 20 years or so, I had a dirty little secret about keeping a gratitude journal. I write in it  daily. It is a habit now I do without even thinking. Like brushing my teeth I don’t go a day  without writing in it. It is part of a daily routine.

LOVE that fact that everyone is different. Those who don’t like to write can still be grateful and reflect on how wonderful their lives can be. Gratitude-Journal-365-Pro This was an amazing app created by Benjamin Hsu where you take a photo that you are grateful for each and everyday and it is integrated into a calendar you can also put a little note along with it. So for the people who prefer not put it in writing they can show gratitude photo form. How awesome is that!

Rebecca Kirstein who wrote a blog called It’s Phone-Ography Friday and my dirty little secret  Here she shares her struggle with keeping a gratitude journal and offers several other suggestions. I encourage you read and share it with your grateful friends and family. After all we all don’t have fairy dust like Tinkerbell, but with more gratitude each and every day, I feel as if I do! This image was taken in Hong Kong the day before I went to Disneyland Hong Kong. I was sooo excited that night I could barely sleep!

The World is a Better Place with a Gratitude Attitude!

The World is a Better Place with a Gratitude Attitude!

I believe.I believe gratitude and being grateful helps reset your mind into a different pattern and way of seeing the world. ( Almost as good as your own personal fairy dust)

I have artist friends that show their gratitude by painting or drawing daily. A stay at home mum shows her gratitude by making lunches for her kids and placing random notes hidden in their lunchboxes. There are many ways to show gratitude….Find a way to show yours! I’d LOVE to hear about your way, I am grateful….

Tracey : )