tafino exhibit



Is the geological name for a particular type of erosion on rocks mainly transformed by tidal waters…

Tafino is the an Italian word for the above description, and besides it is just plain FUN to say,”Taaaaafooonnnii…”

Go ahead give it a try! Taaaaafooonnnii…” It is the word for the eroded caverns and hollows that are hidden in plain view if you happen to live on Vancouver Island.

The Geologists state, “the weathering and erosion of a tafoni require a combination of dynamic conditions mineralogical properties, topographic features and other unknown variable to begin”.

I regard the tafinos as the life’s flow cycle essentially the rhythms of the world. A little unknown secret about myself. I always  (well 95% of the time) have a rock in my pocket. It makes me feel grounded and connected to mother earth.

When I moved from the prairies to Vancouver Island I was intrigued by these moonscapes I later found out they are to be called “ tafinos”  The moonscape mysteries is deepened because some of them can only be revealed during low tide, like hidden treasures, not to be displayed at all times. Other tafino are hidden in plain view for all to see with their pride and majestic beauty.

The Sandstone tafoni are smoother and elegant  like a ballerina and have long lines.

The Granite tafoni resemble the characteristics of lumberjack, strong and chiseled and rough, yet the insides are smooth.

You can not forget the “ busy bee” look of the honeycombs, which are a combination of the tidal changes of lapping water, pounding waves. Their distinct design in the sedimentary and igneous rocks are helped along with organisms grow, live, die, around them carving their own signatures into the rock.

I invite you to visit Serious Coffee Millstream http://www.seriouscoffee.com/millstream/

The address is 101 – 2401G Millstream Rd. I am the artist in residence and am proud to have the gallery opening of the Tafino Art Installation. Come see. The Tafino are designed by nature and inspired me to share my vision and viewpoint of these magical formations. They have such an organic feel to them. Tafinos are located throughout the Gulf Islands. This art installation concentrates specifically on Vancouver Island Tafinos . The images are on display are for sale and are limited editions.


For the photography enthusiasts, a day trip workshop is being planned for May 2014.

Contact me at traceyharper@shaw.ca  for more information. www.fusionartistry.com


( don’t’ be scared by all the letters behind my name)