Signature Style

This Photograph is of one of my personal heros. I admire and respect alot of people. This one is closest to top of my list. For those who can’t quiet make it out it is ” Mickey Mouse” I got his signature or you could say ” autograph” in my journal while travelling to Alaska with him. Doesn’t that sound romantic….it was because Minnie Mouse and all his friends were there too. It was a Disney Cruise I was blessed to go on. What does Mickey represent?  So much to me, and I am not going to ramble about it here. Track me down in person to hear that story. I will say that Mickey makes me smile…and it is just that simple and complex how a little mouse could represent my childhood and my glorious future…just like that….so I show you ” Signature”

Mickey Mouse Signature

Signature Fusion Artistry, Tracey Harper

Another thing that makes me smile is the next photograph I will be posting. The theme for 365 1/2 was mini. This theme was a ” no brainer” for me. No brainer is because a Mini is what I drive. My go kart as I call it…I am a HUGE fan of F-1 racing and this ” mini” makes me feel like I am one with the F-1 types!!  I thought of other possibilities for this theme, but KISS principle prevailed Keep It Simple Silly…..and like Mickey ….Mini ( nicknamed Trouble) makes me smile…so without further introduction….

My MiniEnjoy Life….and what makes you smile….It doesn’t always have to be things….


Fusion Artistry