Fragmented Mind

Fragmented Mind

Fragmented Mind ironically took 9 months to create. The statue portion was fragment of a public sculpture in the Tuscany region of Italy.

The background was from a schoolhouse that actually helped mud in Rwanda while documenting the orphans for Emote 360.  Textures were also used
from London England and Canada in the post processing of the image. With three continents being covered  is a truly global piece of art!

The original is Framed 30in x40in image printed on canvas.

It is one of a kind.

Fragmented Mind is a comment on today’s society being multi tasking, where the art of truly living in the moment is slowly becoming a lost
art itself. We are constantly fragmented, and thinking about “too many things”
at any given moment. We are like the art piece upon reflection of our lives.

That is how Fragmented Minds evolved. It was a slow process taking on many forms before coming to the final piece completed (Hence the 9
months into creation) The images were created on a Nikon Camera and the digital files were enhanced  in Photoshop and Painter.

Price is $6200 and shipping is extra available on request…