Project 365 and a Half

I want to introduce you to a friend, colleague, and not to mention one heck of a photographer Jason Shafto of Full Moon Photo. Jason and I have started a Project 365 for 2013.

Each day there  is a “theme word” and we challenge each other to ” Carpi Diem” ( seize the day) and capture our interpretation of that word.

Jason already has his own section on his website, and has posted many of the first ten days worth of photos.  I invite you to see his interpretations so far for Resolution, Still Life, Forgotten, Temptation, Mini and more. Which now shames me into posting some of mine. I always push people from out from their own comfort zones, time for me to do the same. Me having to post this ….is definitely pushing mine. I walk the walk and talk the talk.

I will put the theme word right on the photo. I will let you try and interpret what was going on in my mind (if you can) to get that image with that theme. So some  are DUH obvious….some….well let’s see maybe not so much….but for now I am playing, creating, and a HUGE shout out to Jason for pushing me to show my project. It would have just been another “one of those things” I was busy DOING…and now I will be  busy SHARING too!!

Tracey Harper

Fusion Artistry

Project 365 & 1/2

Me January 2, 2013

Project 365 & 1/2