It’s Never Too Late…Not Even After 50 Years!!

It’s NEVER too Late!!! I want to tell you a little story about a really neat gal named Doris. I have known her for several years now. I would guess about six years now.

You see Doris is one of the fantastic volunteers at the Canadian Blood Services . She has been a volunteer there for many years. She never did tell me how long exactly.

It was at the Blood Donor Clinic out in Sidney where I first met her. First as a donor, and then later as a volunteer. I have been a donor since University. I believed in giving blood as my dad when I was about 12 years old needed 6 units of blood to save his life during an operation. He needed that to survive as he was bleeding internally from an ulcer. My goal back then was to give the amount that my dad needed. Flash forward many years, and I have donated 57 times. It would have been more, but I like to travel to exotic places and that puts me on a waiting list at six months a pop. The point is it is something I can do, and I just have to be patient with my travelling & donating.

I will let you in on another little secret. I use to be terrified of needles!!! Not going to bore you with a childhood story, but it actually took me 42 donations before I stopped crying before donating! Really I had to get over it. They would see me all nervous and then I would be waiting for a bed to donate. I would sit on the bed and the tears would roll down my cheek. The nurses and volunteers were great…they would reassure me and say things like, “Oh is this your first time?” It was getting more than embarrassing explaining it was my 4o something donation! So  I stopped. I still get uber nervous…but I do it anyway.

It was Doris on my 42nd donation that changed everything for me. Others use to say …don’t cry and then nice things afterwards. Doris was the opposite. She said to me, ” Right or Left Arm? I was ( so I thought so cool about it ) and said calmly, ” Left arm Please” then promptly started to cry. Doris said, ” first time” I said, Nope it is my 42nd,” She asked me,” and that makes you cry?” I laughed and said, ” NO” She asked me if there was anything different from the last donations that would make me want to cry? I couldn’t answer that any other way but NO. So then she said, ” So why do it? Cry that is?” I exclaimed, ” I don’t know” In  very fun gentle way and with a twinkle in her eye, she kindly advised me, ” then don’t do it anymore”  Who knew it was that simple! DON’T DO IT ANYMORE.

It just made sense. So I dried my eyes got my left arm bed and donated like a champion. Been there done that got the cookies afterwards to prove it! There are things in our lives that we just do. It is almost automatic, and without thought. That can be a good thing….but if it isn’t serving you well …take Doris’s advice…THEN DON’T DO IT ANYMORE!!! Here is the thing, if is not serving a purpose in your life and it is not making you feel good. then…Don’t do it anymore. You can go one step further and replace it with something you do want to do perhaps. First step is to stop the auto pilot.

Fast forward to me volunteering at the Blood Donor Clinics ( have for the past 5 years at least maybe even 6!) Doris has shared many shifts with me. She is a real firecracker! She explained the opposite to the ” Don’t do it anymore” but the flipside to that. We were talking about treats and things we like to do and I told her how I like a good martini. She said she hasn’t had a martini in over 50 years. She doesn’t do that anymore,” I asked her why not? She didn’t have a viable excuse. So we made a date to go for lunch and have a martini.

I knew just the place Haro’s in the Sidney Pier Hotel. They serve a wicked Raspberry Martini that I thought would be a perfect introduction back into the world of Martinis.

Rasberry Martini's at Haro's in Sidney!

Raspberry Martini’s at Haro’s in Sidney!


 It was worth the wait. Doris enjoyed her reintroduction to Martini’s. They were a tad different back when she drank them last. The point ” we gals” are trying to make is you don’t have to wait 50 years to try something you use to enjoy, but somehow let it slip off your radar. Go reintroduce yourself…and if you are too scared to do it alone. Invite a friend, or just do it anyway! You will be glad that you did.
In the end, Doris will stick to her wine, but she will look at the martinis in the menu now as a new option to her travels about. I will work on taking better selfies…Remember….it is NEVER TOO LATE…and I am grateful.
Tracey Harper : )