First Steps for “Maddykind” !!!

So it wasn’t my typical day in the Fusion Artistry Studio. Introduce a little firecracker named Maddy, not your regular garden variety. Uber cute and 11 months of experience on this planet earth. So the photo shoot was to capture her essence before the milestone of being 1 year of age and before she started walking all over the place.

So I set up and do a few test shots, and quickly realized this kid won’t sit still, and there is a reason why photographers like newborns. I mean they stay where they are placed. OK so I am exaggerating a bit. I know about the startle reflex in newborns etc. The sugarplums in my head and  my thoughts of moody lighting and low key went out the window as fast as Maddy crawled across the studio floor . Can we say “blanket lighting” Let’s light up the whole sky!!!… Kidding there too kinda but not really. .  So I   choose to use BIG ASS Soff Box! A Larson 5 x 7 to be exact ( for the techies in the crowd) ( dear techie…word of advice don’t do Child portraits!) another word of advice this is not a technical blog post.

Back to Maddy ….FusionArtistry006

Introduce my ghost chair. I bought that a few years ago. It just makes me smile. I just love it, and I love the way you  add a cute kid like  Maddy  to the mix and it’s magical. It really was magical because of what happened next. I was taking the above close up, and I could see the determination in her face. It was like a light bulb ( not my studio flash bulbs) went off in the room, it was a light bulb in little Maddy’s head! She was a shiny star….

I backed up ( I even made the reverse back up noise BEEP BEEP BEEP)   and went to photograph Maddy’s  full body to catch this brilliant gleam emanating from her.   I just knew something was up, you could feel it in the air. So there she was in all her glory, her energy changed and the there was curiosity and a defiant nature about her. She slowly started to let her right hand get closer to the edge of the ghost chair. Maddy did this while her parents anxiously looked on from the sidelines to the right of me.


So then she LET GO!!! (Just what every adult needs to do in life of one thing or another. )


Maddy stood there. There she was just standing in the studio of Fusion Artistry  all on her own! Not just for a couple of seconds, it felt like FOREVER!!  From the sidelines her parents cheered as this was a FIRST. The parents cheered  more and encouraged,as I stood and had the camera poised. Was she going to do it? Was she going to bust a move? I was excited, and proud and ecstatic  she was actually in decent light. Then it did happen. A small step. One small step for Maddy kind!!


then another….


and another


And Down for the count…


Finally Maddy sat on the floor content, and started  contemplating  her life as a biped.  It’s a tough life is  a 11 month old.


What a blessing to have witnessed a FIRST!!!  The parents Brad & Karen cheered and were in happy , and shocked that her first steps just happened right there and right then there and in good light. I can say I got a misty eyed myself as it truly was amazing to be apart of that magic. You have to ask the parents on their reaction. I am not going to say anything except I usually am not a solo crier. Just saying….LOL

Confident and proud Maddy sat down  in her own sense of accomplishment. It was great to be apart of this. (Did I already say that)  As we get older, because of our age and experiences having” our own firsts ” gets harder to accomplish.  Watching and seeing them in others is nice however, we can almost get lulled into a spectator sport of witnessing ” firsts”  instead of trying to actively seek them out for ourselves. It is called complacency.

My question to you is what is a ” first ” that YOU would like to do?  What is it that you have been wanting to do, or always said you would do when you were younger? I challenge you to pick a ” first ” and PLAN for it, and take action.  I have a quote on my wall when you first walk into my home, it says… Wish It… Dream It… Do It….

Pick something and do it, Let me know. I will Cheer and WHOOP WHOOP you along the way!!!!


Special thanks to Karen, Brad and Maddy for being full of AWESOMENESS that day. It was a pleasure to have been apart of the magic.


Fusion Artistry : )