Confusing Signs of Winter! OH MY…

Time to post two separate themes…”Confusing” and “Signs of Winter” The confusing one is an image from Royal Roads British Columbia, CANADA…A great place to have meeting conferences and of course my favorite there Weddings!!

This image is NOT is however hand painted by myself. The photo itself was taken on a Nikon F 5…yes a Film camera and scanned and then hand painted are being made into Art Cards. It represents Confusing so well…and sometimes that is how we all feel about the decisions we have to make in life sometime. Always remember life is about CHOICE however confusing Life can get!!!


Confusing Fusion Artistry Tracey Harper


Ahhh  ” the signs of winter” You see when I visit other parts of the world and say I was from Canada the immediate response is ” BRRRRRRR” it’s cold there. And YES lots of Canada is very cold! I reside on Vancouver Island. I have come to call it the ” Hawaii of Canada” We are like Hawaii the BIG Island and surrounded by smaller ones. Our weather compared to the rest of Canada is mild. We don’t receive alot of snow! So signs of winter would be best represented by rain….as that is our winter…Jack Frost does come to play and I caught him here doing his magic…It is beautiful to see his handiwork!!

Signs Of Winter Fusion Artistry Tracey Harper

Check out Jason Shafto’s version of Signs of Winter….this is so urban compared to his!! That is the joy of corroborating on this Project Together! Anyone else want to join in? Contact me for more info….It is never too late to start stttretching…


Fusion Artistry