First Steps for “Maddykind” !!!

So it wasn’t my typical day in the Fusion Artistry Studio. Introduce a little firecracker named Maddy, not your regular garden variety. Uber cute and 11 months of experience on this planet earth. So the photo shoot was to capture her essence before the milestone of being 1 year of age and before she started […]

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It’s Never Too Late…Not Even After 50 Years!!

It’s NEVER too Late!!! I want to tell you a little story about a really neat gal named Doris. I have known her for several years now. I would guess about six years now. You see Doris is one of the fantastic volunteers at the Canadian Blood Services . She has been a volunteer there for […]

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Victoria Photographer Tracey Harper Takes The Plunge!!!

  So there I was in Hawaii. Beautiful sandy beaches, the sun, surf, what more could a girl ask for? Your immediate answer would be nothing or perhaps a Margarita in my hand? Well for those who know me and my insatiable appetite for adventure would know that I can only  sit still for so […]

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The Secret is OUT!!! Gratitude is IN!!!

I posted a blog  about  My Gratitude Attitude on November 1 st 2013 .i-have-been-keeping-a-big-secret-from-you-all  In that post I shared that for the past 20 years or so, I had a dirty little secret about keeping a gratitude journal. I write in it  daily. It is a habit now I do without even thinking. Like brushing […]

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Victoria Photographer – Fusion Artistry – Cutest Couple… I Believe!!!

I had the pleasure of having Santa and Mrs Claus Pose for me. It is true. I believe!! I thought they would have been more tired after such a busy night, but they thrive on it. They are a cute couple aren’t they? Couples are EVERYWHERE take a look down the street or on your […]

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