It’s Never Too Late…Not Even After 50 Years!!

It’s NEVER too Late!!! I want to tell you a little story about a really neat gal named Doris. I have known her for several years now. I would guess about six years now. You see Doris is one of the fantastic volunteers at the Canadian Blood Services . She has been a volunteer there for […]

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The Secret is OUT!!! Gratitude is IN!!!

I posted a blog  about  My Gratitude Attitude on November 1 st 2013 .i-have-been-keeping-a-big-secret-from-you-all  In that post I shared that for the past 20 years or so, I had a dirty little secret about keeping a gratitude journal. I write in it  daily. It is a habit now I do without even thinking. Like brushing […]

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Victoria Photographer – Fusion Artistry – Cutest Couple… I Believe!!!

I had the pleasure of having Santa and Mrs Claus Pose for me. It is true. I believe!! I thought they would have been more tired after such a busy night, but they thrive on it. They are a cute couple aren’t they? Couples are EVERYWHERE take a look down the street or on your […]

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