WPC Judge For CANADA eh!!!

The WPC this year had a record number of entries from 28 different teams! First off let me back up a bit. WPC stands for the World Photographic Cup. ( it is kinda like the olympics of photography) There are 16 countries from Europe including a new entry from Russia. There are 3 countries from […]

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Speaking at PHOTOgraphie

Hi Everyone, I want to let you know about this great opportunity. I am very honoured to be speaking at this years  PHOTOgraphie Festival. The Fusion Event ( no I didn’t name it after my business but how could I not like it hee hee) is being held at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster. […]

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Water For EVERYONE…. Let’s Do This!!!

EVERYONE who knows me knows….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday!! So much so that it is not just a one day event!! There is the ” Pre Birthday” November 29th… the actual ” birthday” ( you mean you don’t have November 30th marked on your calendars….really? )  and ” Post Birthday” which makes my […]

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First Steps for “Maddykind” !!!

So it wasn’t my typical day in the Fusion Artistry Studio. Introduce a little firecracker named Maddy, not your regular garden variety. Uber cute and 11 months of experience on this planet earth. So the photo shoot was to capture her essence before the milestone of being 1 year of age and before she started […]

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Victoria Award Winning Photographer Tracey Harper Does it AGAIN!!!

April 2014 was a good month in the Photography and Art!  I love giving back to the photographic & art community, and sometimes it gives back to me! I am proud to announce that at the PPOC at the Canadian Imaging Convention awarded me a few goodies… below is quoted from the press release…   […]

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