Adapting In the World


Isn’t nature a wonderful thing?

Are we doing what is best for the environment?

What can we do today to make a better tomorrow?

These are some hard questions to have to ask yourself.

How can anyone make a difference?

Like Mother Teresa said, It is not the big thing in life, it is all the small moments that add up. This photo was in Hong Kong where we stayed for a few nights after our fantastic journey for 3 weeks to Bali. What this tree says to me, is that we can live in harmony and nature has a way of making it work. It is innate design of life itself. Whoa that is sounding a little too deep? Perhaps.

Beauty is everywhere we look around, if we just stop and take the time to see it. During this holiday season and with¬† all the hussle and bussle and we sometimes lose site of the ho ho ho and the merry cheer as we too many things on the ” to do ” list.

I ask this one thing of you…..Gratitude Attitude. Don’t forget to be grateful for something everyday. Something small…or even something BIG. Just pick at least ” something”.

It makes the world a better place, and you will have done your part, for today.

I wish all the best this day and every day .

Tracey Harper

P.S. For those of you in the Victoria BC area. My art installation at Serious Coffee in Millstream Village is on now this post explains about it..