4 down and 48 more Blog Posts to go…

One HUGE Blessing about this Project 365 & 1/2 is that I can randomly post my photos, because Jason Shafto was a catalyst to make this Project Grow!

Makes for a simple post and it’s that really what life is suppose to be about…..Simplicity and Happiness…

I now post Graceful,Optimistic, and a View..


I am truly blessed to live by the ocean.


I just love nature’s shag carpet for this fellow! He looks happy with it.


That officially takes care of Blog Post four….but who is counting….ME….because my commitment was to make 52 posts before my birthday. With this project I truly can say without a doubt I will OVERACHIEVE!!! WHOOP WHOOP…

Tracey Harper MPA F/PPOC-BC F/SWPP CDC ( if you want titles like my photos)

Fusion Artistry